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Great New Cash Flow Solution 

Would you like to raise money from outstanding Invoices, but don't want to be tied into  a long Factoring or Invoice Discounting Agreement, with lots of charges - whether you need the facility or not? 

Well here we have a Single Invoice - or ''Spot'' Factoring Solution 

The Main Features are below, please don't hesitate to get in touch if you would like more information 


  • Short term funding solutions primarily backed by sales invoice.

  • No documentation/legal fees, no minimum term or charges and no contracts.

  • All sectors considered including construction.

  • Examples of current client requirements: Single debtor, Single invoice, VAT payment, fund deposits for asset finance, working capital, fund quarterly stock requirement therefore monthly Service Charges are too costly, seasonal businesses.

  • One charge rate of 0.22% per day on outstanding borrowings not the invoice amount and therefore easy for clients to budget and calculate charges.

  • Minimum transaction amount £10k

  • Short term commercial loans considered (3 month period) but must have an exit route e.g. sale of a property, investment, grant and some tangible security.

Quick service due to short lines of communication internally


For Sale my very Clean Audi 

2015/ 65 Audi A4 2.0 Diesel Multitronec Technic SE 

4 Door in Grey

Every Conceivable Extra

28000 Miles from New - Full Service History

12 Months MOT

Full Service History


Finance Example for a Limited Companies ONLY (Ring or email for personal)

Deposit £1000 

36 Monthly Payments of £395 -  48 Monthly Payments of  £305

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Credit Update and NEWS



At last. The news we have been hoping to be able to bring you has arrived.

Want a choice of one owner Fully Franchised Serviced, Low mileage cars? All 3 years old or less?

Look no further - more than 800 available at any one time !!

All Ex Motability - Give us a call with your requirements and I am sure we can find something to suit

Dave Murphy - 07740 095704


Well we have had some of the busiest months this financial year, with Larger Deals being transacted through more different Finance Companies than we have seen for a Long time. Add to that, June was our best Month EVER, since starting up

LCV's have been reasonably buoyant and there are certainly more lenders out there.
March New Registrations are reasonably good, Anyway, there are some great rates around so give us a call!
Don't forget, if you have an agreement with ING Lease and need a settlement - just get in touch
Finally, don't forget, We still have a great bank of Finance Companies with the same competitive rates you have always been used to. so if you are buying anything for your business - or supplying Finance for your customers -  just give me a ring as normal and we will sort the deals out in our usual efficient and competitive fashion.

New Services added to our already Extensive Range!

  • Process Serving
  • Accident Investigation
  • Document Collection
  • Witness Statement Collection
  • Document Sign-ups

Call Now to discuss our Services and Prices

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Thinking about Factoring, but don't like the idea that you have to factor even your best paying customers?

Well we have a relationship with a new player in the market who will let you selectively choose which of your invoices you Factor (subject to approval)

Get in touch for more info

Give NWBF a call NOW!

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The Benefits of using Asset Finance

Hire / Lease Purchase provides ultimate outright ownership following fixed monthly payments

Such Agreements preserve cashflow by letting you pay in instalments.
They are Tax efficient - you still claim Writing Down Allowances and interest can be offset against profits.
Deposits, periods and ultimately payments can be tailored to suit your business.
Ask us for a quote today! 07740 095704 - ask for Dave


Lending Updates 2018

Credit Crunch, don't you believe it. I have recently had a deal for a customer automatically agreed by THE major Asset Finance lender in the country's computer system. No underwriters, no awkward terms - Agreed for payout 48 hours later!

Amongst The deals Transacted for our customers in the last few months
A selection of recent deals
* Italian Made and supplied Manufacturing Equipment and paid in Euros - all very straight forward *
* A number of Commercial Vehicles for a Daily Rental Company *
* A New - rather expensive - Caravan for a Commercial Display Company *

If you personally, or your customer have a clean credit history and are putting a sensible deposit (10%) down you CAN get Asset finance - and at some of the best rates I have seen for years. 

Ring Now for a no obligation quotation!  


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First for Leasing HP and Cashflow Finance

Having been in the Asset Finance business for over 20 years, we have a wealth of knowledge, experience   and contacts to help your business.

Whether you are a seller of Vehicles, Plant or Machinery, or a buyer of new or used vehicles or machinery for your business, or even wish to refinance the assets you already own to release capital, or require immediate cash from the monies tied up in your invoices, please get in touch.

We deal with some of the most respected High Street banking names, along with some of the less well known ones - to ensure we can almost always find a solution to your needs


Car, Van, HGV, Printing, Machinery, Yellow Plant? Whatever you sell as a dealer the most important thing is to close the deal and get the equipment delivered. We will work with you here. Don't leave it to the customer to get his own finance - you  are suddenly not in control of the sale. Work with NWBF and we will keep you in touch with what's going on from start to finish - good news or bad. We can find a home for most deals but to you the dealer and your customer there is just one point of contact - us at NWBF.

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Arrange your finance before you order the plant and equipment your business' needs. This leaves you to negotiate the best deal from a position of strength. You are also not tied to using one supplier and are not having searches registered against you or your company by every dealer / manufacturer you visit.

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CARS VANS and HGV's Sourced 

Know what type of vehicle you need for your business but can't find it?  We have many sources of supply for vehicles, machinery and Yellow Plant. These can be Franchised  / Manufacturer Dealers, Finance Companies,  Second Hand Dealers or even Trade Suppliers - where large discounts can be found.

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Many established businesses are Asset rich and Cash poor. Cash is the Oxygen of any business and we can release the money tied up in Assets you already own, for you to introduce back into your business for expansion, succession requirements, buyouts etc.

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You know the feeling, lots of good customers, full order books and no money in the bank to move the business forwards. Let us introduce you to Cashflow Finance - a hidden gem in the asset based lending industry. Quite simply, as you raise an invoice to your customer for services / goods delivered, it is possible to receive up to 90% of the value of that invoice - Including the VAT - within 24 hours.

There are numerous companies offering such facilities and it is fair to say they ALL have their own likes and dislikes. Contact us and let us point you in the right direction for the Invoice Finance company that will act quickly and more importantly who will welcome your particular type of business.

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Yet another addition to the NWBF range of Services Offered is our new Legal Services Division. Through this division, we will be offering services (as introducers) such as

Financial and Debt Management  - Document Delivery, Witnessing and Collection
Conditional Fee Agreement Explanation and Sign Up
Process Serving
Status Reports / Means Reports
Pre-Possession Reports
Credit Card Recovery

We have access to a Nationwide team of experienced representatives, who are committed to giving you a professional, reliable and courteous service at all times. We can help Maximize your Conversion Rates, with no minimum number of cases or contracts

Contact us today for No Obligation Discussion
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Business Protection Division

We have joined forces (as introducers) with Business Protection Specialists GMS in Liverpool to provide our customers, both New and Old, with GMS' Specialist Business Protection Services. GMS are 'Whole of Market' suppliers, so no worries about them just pushing their own products, they will find the BEST products for your particular circumstances without being tied to one supplier

Their Tax Efficient products and Money Saving Advice could protect you and your business in these turbulent times. Do you have, or think you may need, any of the following?

Loan Protection
Share Protection
KeyMan Insurance
Group Life Insurance
Group Income Protection

Do you have old policies already in place? Are you using Trusts to protect your Family, Fellow Directors or Business Partners? If not, you probably should be!

Contact us today for No Obligation, Whole of Market advice
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